Trail Websites Bootstrap Button Creator

For WordPress themes based on the Bootstrap framework, the Trail Websites Bootstrap Button Creator can be used to make it easier to create buttons in pages and posts. This plugin appears in the Visual Editor toolbar as a small orange button with “btn” inside. It is in early release and is ready for those that know how to manually install a plugin.


The URL that the button should take the user to is specified first, followed by the text that should appear on the button as its label.

Selecting Full Width will make the button as wide as the post, page or element that contains it.

Selecting a type determines the background color. By default, the colors are the Bootstrap standard colors but your theme may have overridden these so your styling could be different.

Select a size appropriate to your needs then click “Insert Button” to add the button to your page or post.

You can modify the code for your button by going to the Text View in the Editor or by deleting the button and using the toolbar button again.

To install the Trail Websites Bootstrap Button Creator, download the zip file, decompress it, copy the bsbuttons folder and its contents to your plugins directory then Activate the plugin from the WordPress Admin Plugins page. If this confuses you, you may want to wait until we polish this up more and either upload it to or provide an installer.

The Trail Websites Bootstrap Button Creator is provided free of charge and supported on an as-available basis. You can use the contact form here on the website if you have questions about it.