Trail Websites provides web design, development and managed operations services to organizations like conservation trusts and land trusts that maintain content about conservation lands, trails or other open spaces and need to present it on their websites. Trail Websites is a division of Lewis Studios. Lewis Studios offers a broad range of marketing services from strategy development through execution across traditional and digital media including integrated social media and video marketing.

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Web Design

Trail Websites reviews your current site, if one exists, and your goals then works with you to arrive at a design that effectively meets your needs. For local clients, in-person interview and design reviews are an important part of this process. For more distant clients where budget and schedules may not allow in-person meetings, we use tools like Skype and Google Hangouts to add the personal connection and to mark up prototype designs together.

Web Development

With an agreed-upon design, we proceed to develop your site. By using a Content Management System (CMS), select themes and plugins, and our own toolkits, we accelerate development to deliver faster time to value and lower overall costs without sacrificing quality. We offer flexible options that allow you to save further by entering your own content or have us enter your content when funding is easier to find then time. We build the prototype then we review and refine together in an iterative, agile development process.

Trail Websites bases most of the sites we develop on WordPress. WordPress is a well known CMS with many available themes and plugins to save development time and cost. Our own Trail Data Manager™ toolkit is designed to work with WordPress to display overview grids, detailed trail pages and a downloadable PDF trail guide from our trails database. While WordPress is our go-to tool, our experts also have experience with Drupal and Joomla, among other CMSes, and Trail Data Manager™ will be integrated with Drupal after its initial release if there is sufficient customer demand.

Managed Operations

Using a CMS like WordPress simplifies development and eliminates the need to write HTML code just to change content on your site. There is still technical work to be done however. We use leading WordPress security techniques to protect your site and recommend periodic backups along with test restores. We also recommend the use of a second “staging” site to test new theme and plugins updates before updating your live site. If you prefer to focus on land preservation, stewardship, advocacy and the content on your site, we can operate your site for you in a subscription plan.

Overview of Trail Website Plans

Hosting Plan Managed Site Plan Web Marketing Plan
  • Basic WordPress hosting
  • Domain Name Services management
  • Automated backup of files and database
  • Support by email and phone during business hours
  • Hosting Plan services plus:
  • Monitor and update security configuration as needed
  • Monitor and update WordPress, theme and plugins
  • Hosting and Managed Site Plan services plus:
  • Search Engine Optimization recommendations
  • Google Analytics monitoring and analysis
  • Social media updates based on your website content updates and curated content

Each plan can be customized with add-on services such as 24/7 phone support, copywriting, digital advertising and press release services. Plans subject to change. © Trail Websites, Lewis Studios.

To discuss how we can help with your website needs,