WordPress Auto Updates broken .. Action Required!

WordPress recently released version 4.9.3 which offered some bug fixes and enhancements. It also broke WordPress auto-update. Auto-update was implemented a few versions back so that all WordPress websites would automatically update when security and bug fix versions are released. This was an important change to keep your website safe and secure whether you regularly check for updates or not.

At Trail Websites we have mixed feelings about auto-updates. Though rare, they can break things. We prefer to review updates before applying them to test and see if they will break anything and, if they will, figure out how to mitigate the risk. Because we constantly monitor our customers’ sites, we always know when they need updating and we can check the updates on our reference site before pushing the updates to the customer sites. For us, auto-update isn’t necessary.

For many websites, no updates would get applied if auto-update didn’t exist. So, in the broad WordPress market, we’re happy auto-update exists.

If you are running WordPress and don’t actively monitor and manage your website, login NOW and see if the update to 4.9.4 is pending. If it is, do a backup and apply it. That will turn auto-update back on properly for you.